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Tips for Wholesalers While Placing Bulk Orders for Water Bottles

September 5, 2017| 11.46 am

With a horde of sellers available in the market offering an assortment of water bottles in bulk to wholesalers, a relatively new wholesaler may find it difficult to choose an optimal supplier. While there are different aspects to the process of placing an order, the wholesaler first needs to decide between a domestic or international seller. Both domestic and overseas sourcing has their own set of benefits and shortfalls. While many claim the process of verifying reputable manufacturers easier and devoid of any language barrier in the case of domestic sourcing, it may also incur higher manufacturing costs, with less choice in variety of products. To make things easier, there are online portals as well dedicated to bridge the gap between the supplier and wholesaler, thereby ensuring trustable service from verified manufacturers. A wholesaler can easily navigate suppliers at these shopping portals and choose amongst the most optimal one. To find the best wholesaler of water bottles, you can search them online and you can check their product descriptions. Then you can also try their sample product and choose them accordingly.


The Process of Placing Order for bottles in wholesale


After finding a supplier, there are a few things which a wholesaler should consider for a smoother order placing process. These factors include the following:


  1. Minimum Order

This is a vital and primary factor wherein the wholesaler should ask the supplier about their policy for minimum order quantity or MOQ. This is important for small-scale wholesalers who can ensure that they can afford the minimum quantity of order to be placed. Water bottles are generally offered at a low minimum order of 100-200 bottles by some suppliers, making them a convenient option.

  1. Cost

Another prominent factor is the cost of the water bottles offered. While there would be a price of the single piece as well, the seller may also give a discount according to the quantity requested. The per piece cost of the basic water bottles by quality suppliers may range from $3-$7. But if you want to buy some stylish and reusable water bottles for your cafeteria then you can also choose something new like wooden bottles. These bottles are designed with stainless steel and outer bodies of these bottles are fully covered with wooden layer. So people can easily serve hot and cold beverages through these containers.

  1. Price of Sample

In addition to the overall cost of bulk order, one should also inspect about the price of a sample as it is suggested to check a sample before placing the full order. Many suppliers offer a convenient payment option for placing the order for a sample. Else you can also request for a sample at free of cost and it is suggested to consult with the manufacturer in this regards.

  1. Payment Method

The next step is to confirm about the payment method and their payment policy. Some suppliers require relatively newer businesses to pay for the full order in advance, while others may ask for an advance. Thus, small-scale or startup wholesalers may consider their inventory capacity while placing the order. Most of the reputed wholesaler accept online payment modes such as PayPal, Western Union Money Transfer, Trade assurance, L/C, D/A, D/P, and T.T. So always check their payment mode and then place your order accordingly.

  1. Turnaround Time

After dealing with the cost issues, the wholesaler can then ensure about the turnaround time of the water bottles by the seller. If time is a critical factor for one’s business, then it is important to ask how long the seller would take to ship the order. Further, services such as custom logo on the bottles may affect the delivery time. There are some sellers which deliver samples without a logo within two days, while samples with a custom logo may take about a week.


Services to Look For


While a wholesaler looking for some basic water bottles may simply search for one and place the order, a buyer with customized or exclusive needs should do some research to fulfill the required demands. A recommended supplier would cater to all the unique needs of a wholesaler. Here are the services provided by any preferred supplier:


  • Wide Variety– An established supplier would offer a wide variety of water bottles of different shapes, models, sizes, and features to cater to multifold needs of a buyer. These range from glass water bottles, to bamboo, stainless steel, plastic, as well as ceramic mugs.
  • Quality- Ensure that the supplier provides quality products that follow the product safety guidelines in your country and is age graded for your audience. You may order for a sample to check the same and check for the composition of plastic in plastic bottles or the grade of steel used in steel bottles.
  • Customization– Other than the quality and variety of bottles offered, a wholesaler can also benefit from the customization options offered by some suppliers. These services include designing of a custom logo, message, or brand name on the bottles.

These factors are to ensure that one doesn’t compromise with their brand identity while ordering water bottles from another supplier. Additionally, a wholesaler should follow certain procedures on his part while placing the order, especially to an overseas supplier where language is a barrier. Wholesaler should refrain from framing long emails with unnecessary details and redundant sentences. It should be clear, short, and concise, with details about the exact needs and product details.


Avail discounts on Bulk purchase of water bottles:


Many sellers tend to offer discounts at large amount of bulk orders. At the same time, while negotiating is important, one should ensure not to ask for too much as they may lose the deal by constant nagging for a lesser quote. In all, one must clearly go through the specifications provided by the seller, carry out a quality check on a sample, and verify their payment options, time of delivery, and other services such as customization options.


Since the wholesaler is answerable for the products to his customers, this process would ensure a smooth order placement process and unfaltering communication between the seller and wholesaler.

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